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LionHeart Marriage Savers.
We are here to transform your marriage

Reconcile your marriage for life

We can stop your pain of unhappy marriage

We understand how painful it is to:

Feel guilty that your marriage failed

Feel lonely and unloved in your marriage

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Hear “I love you but I’m not in love with you” from your spouse

Acknowledge that your spouse doesn’t want to be with you though you did everything right

Fear to traumatize your children or lose them completely

Feel lost and in shock that your life is about to be ruined


Dr. John Grimani

Founder of LionHeart Marriage Savers, DClinPsy, PhD
Neuropsychologist, Marriage Expert, and True believer in the power of the marriage neuroscience.
Dr John Grimani Marriage Coach.jpg

Dr John Grimani is a neuropsychologist with a high-performance business coach background that helps him to be action and results-oriented on topics such as communication, trust, marriage, parenting, respect and more. Based on decades of helping people achieve their desired goals and making their lives better in the executive world Dr John has founded the faith-filled company -  LionHeart Marriage Savers. Through the years Dr John has saved the marriages that were impossible to save and worked with thousands of men and women. For him, marriage coaching is a calling.

His method, designed over two decades of work with people all over the world, turns innovative neuro-science techniques and psychological coaching into practical skills that have helped tens of thousands to have thriving marriages and fulfilled lives abounding in mutual love

In his free time Dr. John is a volunteer firefighter and amateur weightlifter, and with his family is committed to raising money for Ukrainian relief organizations.

Everyone is worthy of a happy marriage. LionHeart Marriage Savers succeed where other methods fail


of our clients report being happier & better quality of life.


years of coaching experience.


What Can LionHeart Savers Do for Me?

Rescue your marriage even if you’re the only one who wants it.

Stop the pain a dysfunctional marriage brings.

What Can LionHeart Savers Do for Me?


Book a free consultation with one of our coaches

Take this first step. We would love to hear about your struggles and desires. We can together decide if our method is the right fit.


Choose the best plan for you

As you identify your goals and challenges, we will walk with you on a journey towards healing through individual sessions.


Reconcile and live in a thriving marriage.

Save and transform your marriage.Enjoy the fulfilling relationship.


Write instead: We exist to give you love and fulfilling relationships to make your life better.

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It’s time to save your marriage.

Download your worksheet to discover where you are in your journey.

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