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About LionHeart Marriage Coaching

Fighting for your marriage

From the very moment we’ve met, your life will not be the same! Trust and believe me you are about to experience the most amazing transformation ever!

We are a company that brings each client a hybrid of deep life experience, world-class Coaching expertise, and true empathic insight into the spiritual journey of healing your marriage.

We know what a wounded marriage looks and feels like. We show you how to make the heart of your marriage strong, smart, and healthy.

There is no gimmick, there is no overnight success. It requires courage, dedication, compassion, and humility to change. You must develop a deep understanding of what has happened in your marriage and have the courage to apply real solutions to solve the problems that can be solved.

You are our biggest priority. As professionals, we promise to ourselves: to be fully available for every client and help them achieve their goals give them 100% of effort and commitment to fight like heck for them. 


Our Mission

We came together to teach couples how to use the principles of empathy and neuropsychology to reconnect and understand each other’s perspectives in order to reconcile.

We are a positive psychology coaching company, which helps people in their worst moments.


When life is overwhelming, we are here to teach you how to radically change your life, to reconnect with your spouse, how to ask forgiveness and forgive.

We are miracle workers able to stop divorces, repair marriages, and teach how to love again.

Our Core Values

God is supporting and leading you in creating a connection with your beloved.

Woman with Bible

We believe that nothing is more valuable than family. It is the biggest treasure in your life.

Family at a Beach

Genuine intimacy and trust can be achieved only by offering your heart fully to one person.

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Special attitude to each client, and individual approach. Communication from the place of love and compassion.

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Listen & hear

Dr. John Grimani

DClinPsy, PhD

Neuropsychologist, Marriage Expert, and True believer in the power of the marriage.

Dr John Grimani is a neuropsychologist with a high-performance business coach background that helps him to be action and results-oriented on topics such as communication, trust, marriage, parenting, respect and more. Based on decades of helping people achieve their desired goals and making their lives better in the executive world Dr John has founded the faith-filled company -  LionHeart Marriage Coaching. Through the years Dr John has saved the marriages that were impossible to save and worked with thousands of men and women. For him, marriage coaching is a calling.


Dr John has degrees from Dartmouth College and Yale University (MBA) and Doctorates in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience from King’s College London.

“Besides being a Neuropsychologist I’m a family man, a committed husband to my wife of 20 years, and a proud ballet dad. My path to being an advocate for marriages wasn't easy - I was a child of a broken family. I know the despair and heartbreak that divorce causes. Not just in the short term, but also in the long term.

This is why I’m a committed fighter for saving your marriage. It’s way better to start fixing your marriage now than to run away because you will repeat the same patterns and problems again and again. We all deserve to be happy and have a loving marriage.”

- Dr. John


In his free time Dr. John is a volunteer firefighter and amateur weightlifter, and with his family is committed to raising money for Ukrainian relief organizations.

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Coach Linda Steffen

An expert and an agent of change/healer.

An Expert in Marriage with

4 decades of Clinical Experience

I'm an expert and an agent of change. I transformed myself from a broken tragic child to a woman who fought back against the pain, abuse, and distorted interpersonal relationships to a powerful, authentic, spiritual, imperfect, and delightfully flawed healer.

I'm a Coach who understands the pain and how to transform it into power.


A Coach who has an endless wealth of deep change experience. I know how to accomplish lasting and true love. The first love affair you should have is with yourself. Only this way you can truly love others.

You can be flawed and have a happy marriage. You can have mental health issues and be happy. You can have not-so-great days and still be loved for who you are. You can choose to love someone who may not be so lovable. Just like you have the right to be loved when you’re not so lovable.

I grew up a camp brat. My mother ran a camp for individuals with developmental disabilities. All of my summer friends were disabled. Oh the love, the acceptance, and joy I knew in those moments with these angels on earth. Deaf? I’ll learn sign language. Blind? Take my arm. Can’t walk on uneven ground? I’ll walk in front of you. Can’t make yourself understood? Yeah, me too. You are perfect in my eyes.

My mother was a malignant narcissist who scapegoated and despised me. She made my life a living hell. But she was no match for my courage, my heart, and my God. I was a single mother, my son Jason is the smartest, funniest, most capable man I know.

He is an Aviator, who gave our family to the military after 9/11 when he decided to pursue Aviation in the Army after he graduated from college.​

He has been deployed 5 times, flew Black Hawks, and then flew for Military Intelligence. He lost too many friends in the air and too many friends at their own hands. He now flies for United Airlines as well. I met his wife and knew she was going to be the mother of my grandchildren when I laid eyes on her the first time. She is an amazing Aviator who flies Chinooks and is a Major. I have 2 unbelievable grades. Ella Grace is 6, Leo Edward is 4 and they are my heartbeats. I love animals, the herd attends all my sessions. I am an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist. I used to have a horse but have since realized that it's a long way to the ground from the saddle and I don’t bounce like I used to.

I’m a secret geek. I was an Apple Genius, phd. I love to take things apart and put them back together again. Sound familiar?

I’m a natural and awake Empath. It's never too late to have a Happy Childhood.

I am authentic and transparent. I am damaged and proud of my journey. It didn’t happen overnight for me and it won’t happen overnight for you. This is God’s purpose for my life. I suffered and survived for you so that I can give you hope, actionable steps, and a direction out of your pain and into wellness. Marriage is hard, divorce is hard, and reconciliation is hard. But giving up is harder. You’ll regret it someday. I don’t want you to have that day. I have a very intimate relationship with regret, emotional pain, and being unstable.

But since then, I have developed my voice, and have a solid 20 years of happiness, joy, living life on life’s terms, and boundless love. I have a voice, I am powerful and dynamic. I am living my purpose of helping people heal. I have an extraordinary amount of clinical experience and training, but real life is what gave it texture.

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