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LionHeart Marriage Coaching
is here to save your marriage!

Do I need a LionHeart Marriage Coach?

If you've lost that 'connection' with your partner

We teach you how to build genuine intimacy in your relationship and feel as close as never before.

If there has been infidelity in your marriage

If you or your partner has had an affair, we know exactly how to handle your anger, overcome fears and start to rebuild the trust that may have been lost.

My spouse won't even talk to me...

We can find a cure, help you to heal, and revive your communication.

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Without Coaching:

  • Divorce

  • Rejection

  • Abandonment

  • Stress

  • Grief

  • Anxiety and fear

  • Depression

  • Stressed kids

  • Bad money decisions

  • Suffering

  • Racing thoughts

  • Pain


With Our Coaching:

  • Back together for good

  • Deep intimacy with your spouse

  • Calmness

  • Peace

  • Connection

  • Happy marriage and kids

  • Less stress

  • Save money

  • Fewer worries

  • Respect

  • Support

  • Communication

  • Re-connection

LionHeart Marriage Coaching Principles


Radical empathy

Radical empathy is a concept that encourages people to actively consider the other person's perspective to connect more deeply with them.

We don't really know what others think and feel because we don't share the exact same memories and experiences, but we can work together to understand people's behaviors and reactions.

We can increase the compassion we feel for others.

This quality allows us to see and understand the perspectives of others. It promotes tolerance, compassion, and tenderness - all essential qualities for a peaceful and harmonious relationship.

Radical Empathy is not only about passive understanding but about the radical change that comes from this understanding. 


“I feel your pain to such a degree that I change myself"

Total forgiveness

Forgiveness definition varies from person to person. But in general, forgiveness is about the decision to let go of the idea of resentment and revenge.

Actions that hurt or offend you may always be with you, but forgiveness can help weaken your control and free you from the control of the person who hurt you.

The term “Total forgiveness” will let you not just make a decision to forgive but it will teach you how to deal with unpleasant memories, and how to reinforce your energy to something better and more meaningful.

Total forgiveness is very much connected to understanding, empathy, and even compassion for those who have hurt you.

Profound connection

A profound connection is a sense of connection and intimacy between two people that goes beyond mere physical attraction, shared joy, superficial conversation, and even intellectual similarity. Instead, it feels like you're connected at a deeper soul level and feel safe about being so deeply connected.

Imagine, you are climbing a mountain, it’s difficult but you know your purpose.


Similar is with this program: our clients will know what they can achieve by meeting some difficulties along the way: how to understand your significant other (radical empathy), how to forgive (total forgiveness), and how to connect

(profound connection).


When clients reach the top their prosperity gates will open and they will achieve peace, and harmony and be in their happiest state. Also, studies have shown that if you are having a loving spouse by your side you will be more successful, happier, healthier, and enjoy life even more than being in a bad/average marriage or divorce.

The result? Lasting love

Is the marriage you deserve and the marriage you need.


It is a state after all this work and pain, worries and fear.


Why do you need to reconcile? What if you don’t reconcile? Because together is better. You’re able to build so much together!


LionHeart Coaching offers you the way to ideal marriage, not an average one.

Don’t you deserve someone who communicates with you? Who’s a real partner in everything you do? Who’s supporting and helping you?
When you have all of the elements of this journey you’re able to build something strong and meaningful.
You will have someone who’s loving you, respects you, and helps you achieve your dreams when you’re helping them to achieve the same.
It makes you feel fuller and happier than you could ever be alone.


Lionheart Marriage Coaching

Bringing couples back together

Ready to get your marriage back?


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