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Testimonials from our happy clients

For the first time in years, I actually feel positive about the future, and about my life. Given the results of therapy over the past few months, I have raised the expectations of what’s possible. So that just puts more pressure on John.

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- Mark

In a time when I felt like I was losing everything and drowning, Lion Heart saved me. I have been thrown a life raft and I am so thankful. Lion Heart has given me skills and lifetime connections with others to rebuild.

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- Kate

To have a meeting on Saturday night was a blessing as the weekend are hardest to endure.

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- Rebecka

Client Case Studies

Tom's Story

Prior to starting sessions with John, my wife told me she wanted a divorce. In addition, I had been facing depression and anxiety after leaving a cult and had suicidal depression in addition to experiencing the suicides of multiple friends and family members. The cult left me emasculated and insecure, incapable of navigating the complexities of even basic social interactions.


And regarding communication with women, I was a blind person being asked to communicate with someone speaking only sign language. I really felt like a victim and couldn't do much to improve.

After several months of sessions with John, I noticed that I wasn't as helpless as I previously thought. In fact, I wasn't helpless at all.


I had rapidly gained mastery over my anxiety, much more than I thought I was capable of.


As our sessions continued, my social interactions improved as well, and John helped me to realize that I had more potential than I was raised to believe. While being indoctrinated with a fixed mindset, I was quickly surpassing all boundaries I thought were impossible to break.


I am excited to see how much more I can grow with our sessions, and can't recommend enough John's expertise and deep insight and am grateful to be working with him.

Kate's Story

John has been a Godsend for me and my family. What started out as a journey to try and save my marriage turned into something so much more.


John has helped to give me my life back. He has given me an education in mental health disorders, including, but not limited to, NPD.


He has helped me to see that I am more than enough. That I did the best I could given the tools and spouse I had.


John has helped me to finally accept my divorce not as a failure but as growth.


He has helped me have better relationships with my children also.

He helped me come to a marital settlement better than any of the attorneys I paid.

John made himself available always… he truly has walked this path with me. 


I look forward to working with John even as my marriage comes to an end because with John on my side I know I will find a path to healthy relationships.


I have suffered a huge trauma and John has given me the permission to give myself the grace I need to heal.


I’m sure not many people have the gift to call their life coach/therapist a friend, but I do.


I know that John’s work doesn’t end when our sessions end… he truly cares about me and my children and I will be eternally grateful for his wisdom, kindness, and friendship always.

Mark's Story

Prior to working with John, I had recognized that anger addiction was the core of my problems. Problems with my wife and kids at home.


Problems with co-workers and management at work. And problems with family, neighbors, and even strangers at a grocery store.


Even though I had recognized the core issue, I felt helpless in terms of being able to change myself, and consequently change the perception of me that others had built up over the years.


After a year of trying to fix my issues on my own, I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was on the brink of losing my marriage and my family, and just desperately wanted guidance and help.


I found John and I am really glad that I did!

For the first time in years, I actually feel positive about the future, and about my life.


Given the results of therapy over the past few months, I have raised my expectations of what’s possible. So that just puts more pressure on John. 


I want to continue this journey with John to have that “1%” marriage, to have that “1%” bond with my kids, and to be that “1%” boss/co-worker at work.


Like any recovering addict, I want to leave that rage-filled life behind and continue to live in the moment and be happy and optimistic.


I am programmed to be a pessimist, so I know that it won't be easy. But like I said, the past few months have raised my expectations and I’m here to continue my work with John.

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