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Testimonials from our clients

In a time when I felt like I was losing everything and drowning, LionHeart saved me. I have been thrown a life raft and I am so thankful. LionHeart has given me lifetime skills on how to connect with my husband and how to build trust.

- Kate P.

For the first time in years, I actually feel positive about the future of my marriage, and about my life. Given the results of coaching over the past few months, I have raised the expectations of what’s possible. And it’s all thanks to LionHeart.

- Mark J.

I was about to lose the man I loved and I didn't know what to do. Then I discovered LionHeart. I am thrilled to state that, after just three weeks of coaching, my husband and I are back together and absolutely devoted to making our marriage work. I'm glad to say that divorce process finally has been halted. I couldn't believe that it was possible!

- Rebecka M.
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Client Case Studies

Tom's story

After two months of sessions with John, I noticed that I wasn't as helpless as I previously thought. In fact, I wasn't helpless at all. I had rapidly gained mastery over my life and marriage, much more than I thought I was capable of. As our sessions continued, communication with my wife restored, and John helped me to realize that we had more potential than I believed. While being indoctrinated with a fixed mindset, I was quickly surpassing all false beliefs and boundaries I thought were impossible to break. That let me create a completely different marriage I've never thought we could have. I am excited to see how much more I can grow with our sessions, how fulfilling my marriage can become, and can't recommend enough John's expertise and deep insight and am grateful to be working with him.

Selfie of a happy middle-aged couple.jpg

Tom K.,

St. Louis, Missouri

Scott's Story

I married my wife 11 years ago. The First 5 years went happily, I can’t say it was perfect in any way but it was a good time. After those 5 years, everything turned for the worse. My wife started accusing me of things that she had never accused me of before. It went as much as her saying that I wasn’t masculine enough to be the head of the family and she felt in charge all the time. I bore all those things but one day I just couldn’t. I started searching for help and I saw LionHeart. I liked LionHeart because I could attend sessions on my own, I didn’t need my wife to be there. At first, it was difficult, I was trying to open up but something was stopping me. That’s where my coach finally got into me and we talked about my personal challenges, not just marriage. The coach literally opened my eyes, that to heal my marriage, I needed to heal myself. After a few sessions about my issues, I finally was able to concentrate on my marriage. I learned techniques for communicating and understanding Jill’s point of view. I never thought that it was possible to have such a great marriage as I do now. I still know that's far from perfect but it’s already perfect to me. Thank you coach Linda and the LionHeart team for the help.

Scott J.,

Oregon, Bend

Carolina’s story

A marriage vow is that we should stay together for bad and good times. I felt that was a bad time, but divorce was not an option for me. We've been together for 18 years, and we have 2 kids. After our second child's birth, my husband stopped going to church with us. He said he needed to work more to make sure he could take care of our family. So he started to spend less and less time at home. I was very busy taking care of two kids, and I didn't even notice what happened. Over time, we became less and less connected. WE HAD A BIG ARGUMENT when I found out about his affair, and he moved out… I lost my hope. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to say to my family or friends. I went to church and prayed for hours. Later that day, I decided to research if there were other people with the same problem on the internet. So this is how I found out about LionHeart. I hesitated, but then I thought, "maybe this is the help from God I was praying for." I didn't have to wait long for the first results. At first, my husband didn't want to talk with me. Then, my coach showed me how to reconnect. Finally, after three months, he moved back home, and we started to discuss how to save our marriage. I've learned from the coach how to overcome resentments and reconnect. It's been 4 months already since I finished the coaching program and I am still working on my marriage. But I feel that the quality of our relationship is even better than ever before.

primer plano de la cabeza y la cara de_yythk.jpg

Carolina S.,

Boulder, Colorado

Jeremy’s story

I didn't believe it was going to work at the beginning. I knew I couldn't tell Kate that I was into coaching because she thinks it is a waste of money. From what I can say now it was the best money spent in my whole life. We have been married for 22 years, and we became roommates. Eventually it became a nightmare. Every time we spoke, it was a fight. We couldn't find a common language. I felt resentful, angry and disappointed. Just horrible. I was losing my hope we could make it through. I was too shy to talk about this with my friends and family. I think this convinced me to sign up with LionHeart. I could share my worries, troubles, and concerns without being judged and get help and actionable steps from professional coaches on how to bring my marriage back on track. In less than four months, we finally started talking again. We learned to hear and understand each other. It feels that we finally speak one language. Sometimes Kate even reads my mind. For example, when I work from home she brings me tea exactly at the moment when I’m thinking about it. Or we go to bed exactly at the same time without agreement although before she used to watch TV on the first floor till late night. And I can't even describe the relief I feel when things are back where they always should’ve been.


Jeremy J.,

Chicago, Illinois

Robert’s story

When I first started coaching I blamed my wife for everything. I always felt pressure to be “a real man in the house”, but at the same time “a soft but not too soft husband”… It seemed that everybody had perfect marriages but not me and that was my fault. Finally, I just got into marriage coaching because I wanted everybody to see that I was ready to do anything to make this marriage work. The first two sessions I was just blaming my wife and didn’t talk about my marriage or myself at all. Just after the third session, something clicked in me, that I’m in these sessions for MY benefit. My coach Ray led me to that thinking. I opened up, and for the first time in years, I tried to look from my wife's perspective. I understood that I’m far away from a perfect husband. After a couple of months, I was not a victim of my marriage anymore. I was fighting for my marriage and for my wife's love. For the first time in years, she told me that she is grateful to God for our marriage and for me… There’s always a space for improvement but at this moment I have a marriage which I’ve always dreamed of. Thank you so much, coach Ray, that you punched that wall of egoism and ignorance from my vision. Forever grateful - Robert.

Middle Aged Couple Taking Selfie Fall St

Robert H.,

Wyoming, Jackson

Andrew’s story

Dear LionHeart. I rarely believe anything I read on the internet, so I was skeptical when I came across you in a Google search for marital advice. Then I thought, "What have I got to lose?" So I registered... On a call I found out that this was a solo coaching, not a couples one. “How can i save it on my own, that doesn’t work this way, that’s a job for two!” - these were my words to a coach and I hung up. My wife and I went to couples therapy instead for 5 months. What can I say - wasted money, wasted time. Yes, we talked a lot, for hours actually, we spoke out all our resentments from all of the years, discussed childhood traumas that made us who we were and so much more. But guess what? We kept sleeping in different bedrooms and fought every other day. One day it became unbearable and so pointless in my mind. I moved out and was beginning to move on with my life, but something kept drawing me back to my “ex” (that’s how I thought about her at that moment) and our 15-years of marriage. And that’s when I received an email from LionHeart, it was about how coaching techniques can bring a spouse back even if they completely checked out. I considered it as a sign. So I gave it a chance. Where are we now? We reconciled over a year ago after both of us had left our marriage, and we have never been closer. Thank you very much for your support. You opened for me things that should’ve always been transparent to me but had been ignored along the way. I'm happy that I gave it a chance and that you gave me the confidence to keep working and believing in myself. Thank you once again!


Andrew T.,

Kentucky, Lexington

James’s story

Me and my wife have been together for 3 years, and the last year was rough. We had arguments every other day and she said she was ready for divorce. I couldn’t let that happen, I loved that woman dearly. I subscribed to every possible marriage youtube channel and read some books. I was trying all the advice I heard there, some of them really worked and I felt empowered. As you can imagine after all the subscriptions I saw a lot of ads on this subject everywhere. And one day I saw LionHeart offering a free call with a coach. Of course I wanted it. It was a great call and I felt so much support and understanding. But I wasn't ready to enroll into the program. I was acting on my own and I saw some progress so I decided why to pay more, I just need more time for all other marriage advice to work. That was my biggest mistake ever. That waiting almost killed my marriage. No matter what I did my wife became more distant and resentful. I came back to LionHeart and started the program. That's when I realized that all these youtube experts and their advice are like bandages on a cancer tumor - somehow feels better but doesn’t help at all. My coach said “Change needs time and consistency”. I needed to learn not just how to have a good marriage but how to keep it that way. After a couple of months, I was feeling that I did some fundamental work on myself and my relationship. After 6 months of coaching, we are happier than ever before. Thank you so much!


James P.,

Oregon, Ashland

Albert’s story

I came to LionHeart after 5 years of marriage. 2 out of 5 years were almost sexless and I couldn’t understand why my wife doesn’t want to be intimate with me anymore. And when we were intimate it seemed forced. I didn’t know what to do, didn’t know how to revive that romance. It took two years to finally get help for this issue. My wife didn’t want to go to couples therapy. So, I started searching where I could get individual sessions. That’s how I found LionHeart. Coach Venus helped me to understand what kind of issues are in my marriage. She gave me advice and we even created an action plan on how to revive a marriage. And after just a couple of months, my wife became super positive in her non-verbal communication, we were holding hands, kissing like 5 years ago. I could say that it was an emotional change for me because I felt important to my wife once again. Thank you so much for this company and for my coach! You truly have the heart of the lion!

294 Middle Aged Couple Selfie Photos - Free.jpg

Albert R.,

Kansas, Derby

Paul’s story

I always knew that I have trust issues because in my first marriage my wife cheated on me with my close friend. At that time I lost two important people in my life. I couldn’t recover for a long time. My current wife knew all about my past and why sometimes I was overprotective. But after three years of marriage, she said that she had enough and couldn’t handle constant fights. That was surprising to me because she knew my past, she knew that I have trust issues. She thought that I needed to get help if I wanted to continue this marriage. I was extremely mad about it. There was fight after fight until she decided to live with her parents for a while. I was left alone, it was the same feeling as before when my ex-wife cheated. Finally, after weeks of being alone, I started searching for help. I didn’t want to go to therapy and marriage counseling was not fittable in this situation. After some digging, I found LionHeart marriage coaching. LionHeart covered everything that I needed. I enrolled in coaching immediately. It helped tremendously, it helped with my trust issues and I was able to see that I have the most wonderful wife which was dealing with me for so long. I was happier and happier after every session with coach Linda. When my wife moved back, we had an emotional talk, it was an eye-opening experience. I still have some minor trust issues but I have the tools to handle them by not affecting my wife. Thank you so much LionHeart for helping me, without you, I would have lost the love of my life!

Middle-aged couple taking a selfie together - Stock.jpg

Paul K.,

Tennesi, Franklin

Jennifer’s story

My husband would’ve been gone for a long time if I hadn't discovered LionHeart. My spouse was unhappy and left at the end of May 2021. He was convinced that he was gone for good and requested a divorce. He didn't love me anymore, and there was nothing I could do about it. I registered in coaching around two weeks after he moved out and started working right away. God used this coaching to bring my partner home! Let me tell you, doing the things I learned was not always simple, but if you get out of your own way and apply what you learned, you will have the marriage of your dreams!

168 Middle Aged Couple Taking Selfie Photos -_yythk.jpg

Jennifer L.,

Iowa, Cheriton

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