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Bringing couples back together
The next generation of marriage coaching

Are you ready for marriage 2.0?

Because after this coaching experience, your marriage will never be the same! 

At LionHeart Marriage Coaching every client gets a blend of their coach’s deep life experience, world-class expertise, and insight on how to heal their marriage.


You have a Heart of a Lion and you are a fighter! It requires courage, dedication, compassion, and humility to change. With LionHeart you will:

First, you develop a deep understanding of what has happened in your marriage.


Then you’ll apply proven solutions to the problems that can be solved.


We show you how to make the heart of your marriage strong, smart, and healthy.

You’re the one who makes the difference in your marriage.

Helping bring couples back together is our biggest priority.

As professionals, we promise to help you figure it out, and will give you 100% of our effort while we work together.


Our commitment is to FIGHT LIKE HECK for your marriage!

Loving Couple

Our Vision

We are a marriage coaching company that SAVE MARRIAGES when everybody else would’ve already given up.

Our Mission

LionHeart wants to help you save your marriage. Period. And we have the experience & tools to make it happen.

As a marriage coaching company we help people in their worst moments. Our coaches bring care and support for you, while guiding and motivating through the difficult times. 


When life is overwhelming and you think there’s no hope for your marriage, we are here for you.

Let’s save your marriage together.

The Golden Circle of LionHeart

WHY – LionHeart believes in marriage and family - there is nothing more valuable than that. Only in a happy and thriving marriage can you reveal your potential, live your dreams and be content in all areas of your life. Because married people have better health, financial and co-parenting outcomes.

HOW – By providing effective coaching based on a deep knowledge of neuropsychology, positive psychology and relationship dynamics. We support and guide you each step of the way.

WHAT  Marriage Coaching saves marriages even if it seems there’s no hope left, or if you’re the only person who wants to save the relationship.

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