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Marriage FAQ

How to save my marriage?

If you are asking yourself these questions it means you recognize your marriage is falling apart. Maybe your spouse fails for divorce, checks out, moves out or says they don’t love you anymore.

It means that the way in which you were living within your marriage, your patterns, behaviours lead to this situation. It means something needs to be changed.

It is not your fault. We weren’t taught how to build success in marriage. This is the skill you need to learn. Sometimes in the face of the divorce.

So actually you can save your marriage?

The most important thing that you must do to save your marriage is to improve your communication. Your spouse needs to feel heard, understood and safe.

LionHeat Marriage Advice

Take some old photos of your marriage. Bring them to your spouse. Reminisce the best moments of your marriage together.

Ask your spouse if they think you can recreate those moments.

How to improve communication in marriage?

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you for recognizing that there is a space to improve communication in your marriage. We want to acknowledge you for your initiative and look for information on how you can improve communication in marriage.

This is a big thing that can literally save your marriage.

LionHeart Tips for improving marriage communication

  • listen rather than talk

  • don’t interrupt when your spouse is talking

  • rephrase with your own words what you heard, rather than commenting

  • do your best to truly understand what your spouse is talking to you

  • ask about their emotions

  • STOP using phrases “you never” or “you aways”

  • describe events and their effect on you and your emotions without judgment

  • ask for a feedback

  • show that you care

LionHeat Marriage Advice

Make a list of simple questions about your spouse, examples below. Write your answers first. Now, take them to your spouse and ask them those questions. Check if their answers match yours. This is a great communication opener.

  • Favourite color

  • Best vacation place so far

  • One dream destination

  • Favourite restaurant in town

  • Favourite music

  • Favourite film

  • Favourite actor and actress

  • Favourite celebrity

How to get my spouse back?

Your spouse checks out? Moved out of the house? Are they failed for divorce? They don’t want to talk to you?

Is there a way to bring them back?

This question is asked by thousands of people per day.

You must know that your marriage did not finish overnight. Even if it seems like a series of events led your spouse to check out. Furthermore, it can not be fixed overnight. Therefore, you need to be patient and learn skills that can help you reconcile with your spouse.

The most important thing you need to do to get your spouse back is CREATE THE SAFE SPACE. It means they need to feel safe with you. Arguing, judging, and commenting on their behavior it’s not the way to bring them back.

Listing, reframing, and staying calm and open to what they say is a way to build healthy and trustful communication.

LionHeat Marriage Advice

Even if your spouse filed for divorce or even if you are already divorced, there is always hope. If you are still talking with your spouse try to organize a date with them. Without any expectations. Be open to the moment.

How to reconnect with my spouse?

LionHeat Marriage Advice

Traditions, habits, rituals, and routines are the glue that sticks, the threads that bind, and the clasps that hold a family together through the best and worst of times.

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