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Marriage Coaching

Lionheart Marriage Coaching

Bringing couples back together

How does Marriage Coaching work?

Learn to see from your partner's perspective

Radical empathy is a concept that encourages people to actively consider the other person's perspective to connect more deeply with them.​ This quality allows us to see and understand the perspectives of others. It promotes tolerance, compassion, and tenderness - all essential qualities for a peaceful and harmonious relationship.

Holding Hands
Focus on positivity and togetherness

Forgiveness is about the decision to let go of the idea of resentment and revenge. ​The term “total forgiveness” will let you not just make a decision to forgive but it will teach you how to deal with unpleasant memories, and how to reinforce your energy to something better and more meaningful.


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Redevelop your profound connection together

A profound connection is a sense of intimacy between two people that goes beyond mere physical attraction, shared joy, superficial conversation, and even intellectual similarity. Instead, it feels like you're connected at a deeper soul level and feel safe about being so deeply connected.


LionHeart Marriage Coaching is the support you are looking for.


success rate. We can't save everyone but we're able to help 3/4 couples that work with us.



Some of the most common marital issues we can help you deal with:

  • I have lost faith that I can save my marriage on my own.

  • I feel rejected, unloved, and neglected by my spouse.

  • I heard “I love you but I'm not in love with you” from my partner.

  • I feel paralyzed by past pains and don’t know how to forgive.

  • I think my marriage is doomed.

  • My spouse filed for divorce...


Meet the team behind Lionheart Marriage Coaching

Dr. John Grimani is a highly experienced relationship expert with a DClinPsych (Doctor of Clinical Psychology) in NeuroPsychology. His speciality is Relationship Dynamics, the patterns of behaviour that happen between couples in the ways they relate, interact and communicate with each other. 

Coach Linda Steffen is an expert on marriage with 4 decades of Clinical Experience under her belt. Her speciality is relationship healing, practising as an agent of change within relationships of all types.

"LionHeart Marriage Coaching saved my life! My wife kicked me out and my kids wouldn't even talk to me. One year later, we went on our second honeymoon, and are communicating on a level I never thought was possible."

- Tom V. (South Dakota)

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